Dubai Marina Walk, Al Marsa Street, UAE

Everest Yacht Charter Terms and Conditions

  • Charter Inclusion

Full crew (Captain, Crew), fuel, water, ice and yacht use.

  • Important

The Dubai Coast Guard enforces strict rules on all charter companies in Dubai. If rules are broken, Everest Yacht Charter

reserves the right to pass on any fine to the guests if incurred due to non-compliance or disregard for the rules set out

the coastguard & enforced by your Captain & Crew.

  • All guests are required by law to bring original I.D (proof of visa), not a copy or picture.

Tourists require original Passport. Residents can bring Passport, Emirates Driving License.

  • Abuse of alcohol & subsequent reckless behavior may result in fines or termination of the charter trip.
  • Life jackets are to be worn when the coast guard deems necessary & issues a weather warning.
  • Littering is not tolerated.
  • For your safety, swimming more than three meters from the vessel is prohibited by the Coastguard.
  • Jumping off the yacht while driving or at anchor is not permitted & will result in the charter being terminated.
  • Its not permitted to participate in Jet Ski or other water activity ran by a third party during a charter trip for your safety.
  • ATTIRE – Footwear must be removed before boarding our yachts. We recommend comfortable clothing.
  • NUMBER OF GUESTS – Final numbers for guests must be confirmed 24 hours prior to departure & may not be exceeded on the day. Asper UAE law.
  • CHILDREN – Our Captain and crew are there to safely man and navigate the vessel & are not responsible for the children.

Furthermore, on the Coast Guard orders, irrespective of the strength of swimmer, children under the age of 10 years must wear a life jacket while in the water & out on deck.

  • Should there be any damages caused to the vessel as a direct result of the actions of the client or their guests.

The damage and cause of damage will be notified to the client in writing within 24 hours.

An official quotation for the repair or replacement of the damaged area will be provided.

This quote will be forwarded to the client and the amount will be deducted from the card or financial assurance given by the client.

Any disputed to damage caused will be discussed with the management.

  • Any extra cleaning required as a result of your charter is deemed chargeable under damage waiver agreement and responsibility of the client.
  • Any fines incurred through the local marine authority as a direct action or failure to comply with the charter policies by the lead named charter or their guests WILL be chargeable under the damage waiver.
  • No liability or responsibility is accepted for any loss or additional expenses incurred by accident, injury, sickness or death.
  • All persons under the age of 21 years must be supervised by a mature adult.
  • Any food supplied by client is subject to approval as per UAE health & safety law.
  • No animals or pets of any sort may be taken on board as per UAE laws.
  • No Smoking inside the yacht’s interior. Failure to comply will lead to immediate termination of the charter.
  • Children below 1 year old are allowed onboard yachts of 40ft or above.
  • Toilet blockage by tissue caused by any of the guests occur a charge of AED 500.
  • Leather sit damage or cigarette burn by guests will be charged the cost of replacing the damaged item in full.


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